Mineralogy, Petrology & Petrography Services

Townend Mineralogy Laboratory offer mineralogy, petrology and petrography services to the geological, agricultural, environmental, mining, metallurgical, engineering, materials, and processing industries.  It was formerly known as Roger Townend & Associates, which had been trading for eighteen years.

Run by Dr Roger Townend, a mineralogist/petrologist with over 50 years experience, there has been recent expansion including addition of new staff, a new clay laboratory and upgraded facilities.

We offer a range of services including optical microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and clay treatment/dispersion mineralogical identification techniques.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our laboratory specialises in the analyses of all types of materials, including: rocks, core samples, RC chips, ores, tailings, residues, industrial products, soils, engineering aggregates, concrete and more


Industry Sectors

  • Metallurgy
    Metallurgy - Gold

    Ore minerals and associations are determined with microscopy and SEM analysis.

  • Commodities

    Analysis of base metals, gold, iron ore, rare earth minerals, uranium, and graphite.

  • Engineering

    Aggregate analysis is used to detect deleterious minerals and the presence of clays.